Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Medias Res, June 2010 edition

1. Two-thirds of a draft involving the animatronic kangaroo. I now realize the kangaroo must go, which means the big shoot out in which the kangaroo walks away into the distance, flipping his lucky coin, must go. I think I'm going to focus on people instead.

2. Just a few lines of dialogue, maybe five minutes worth, read aloud, and the faintest hint of how this could be self-contained. The containment is attractive. I have thought of those Matthew Barney scrawls under the dome of SFMOMA as both annoying and as having a point.

3. Just the concept: a two-handed story, an interview that goes horribly wrong.

4. Two-thirds of a draft in which The Courage Test should show up. But so far it doesn't. This might be the author's fault.

5. Lolly.

6. This is actually next, and what's holding me back is tone. Followed by shape. But tone is critical right now.

I have been wondering whether multitasking would work.


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