Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have just thrown the containment boom upon the sound. The first 3/4th of this seems to have its own gravity and momentum, as does the last 40 pages. In between is a shaky sort of place where my eyes seem to have rolled back in my head, and that needs to straighten out. But for the first time I see the whole oil slick and I know where it went and where it didn't go, which is a milestone.

I can think about shape. A little. Here, it's early, start with that little bit:

It begins with landscape and ends with a smile.

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peake said...

Dear Mr Gold,

There is a drawing of a dancing figure on your site by Mervyn Peake, my late father, which I would very much like to include in the forthcoming Collected Poems of Mervyn Peake. Would you be able to let me know where you found this image, so I could approach the current owner for usage purposes.
Sincerely, Sebastian Peake
(view mervynpeake.org)