Sunday, June 27, 2010


True: if you are put on a plain in nature (or, I suppose, a plane in geometry) and told to walk in a straight line, eventually you will walk in a circle.

I think writers might fear that fact but they also know it's true. If you put one sentence in front of another, how long does it take for the story you're producing to veer off that line you drew? Like: two sentences.

The extra worry is that every decision you make is actually a step in yet another different direction.

Today's theory: sometimes it's nice to just go on a walk and see what happens.


spin said...

isn't a story just a perfect circle?

Glen David Gold said...

I'm not sure. I go for wobbly, weird, wrong-headed kinds of geometry in my writing.

spin said...

maybe perfect is the wrong word. A circle is a circle, right? It will contain all that other stuff. It will be what all that other stuff spills out of.

the thing would be to keep walking.