Thursday, December 17, 2009

22. Thereabouts.

I'm just starting to see the outlines of the whole piece's form. It's not so much that I've hiked up a mountaintop. More like I've heaped jigsaw puzzle pieces into different stacks and I've started to figure out that a certain percentage of this thing is going to look like seashore and a certain percentage an egret. Or turkey. No, no, egret.

I am feeling blindly, but every day I have a few lines that seem apt, and I write them down, and I just yesterday got to the place where one set of lines met another, two railway tracks heading in the same direction.

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ESA said...

Craft is fascinating. For some authors it is linear, without the knowledge of how it will end.
This process seems tantalizingly elusive to me. It's there, but for the search.
Sunnyside, to me is more rythmic than Carter like a jazz record.
I don't like interruptions whilr reading it.